Putin friend Xi Jinping says world order to be shaken

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Putin friend Xi Jinping says world order to be shaken

Post by Don Hank on Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:11 am

PRC president Xi Jinping is a loyal ally of Russia, athough the msm will say the relationship is on the rocks. This is part of their coy strategy to drive a wedge between them. Just like the phony NYT article that appeared before the Syrian advances in Syria, predicting that Putin was about to knife Assad in the back. It ain't gonna happen, my friends. Reminds me of the old Spongebob episode "Best Friends Forever."
So when Xi speaks, you can be sure Putin is nodding in agreement. Xi has recently said that the world order is changing. He is referring to the shaky US dollar and the Western economy, which is held up literally by a few threads of propaganda. But he also means that the world cop is on its way out.
Obama said we weren't humble enough but he did nothing to change that image. Trump said the opposite but his country is standing on shaky moral legs. The US, together with its "allies" the bloody religiously fanatical Saudi dictatorship, virtually destroyed the Middle East and couldn't articulate why it did so. But Trump wants to make the US "great again" from a position of utter economic weakness (the stock market is not a measure of the economy) while claiming to do this from a "position of strength." Russia and China have accumulated a formidable arsenal, with missiles capable of unimaginable speeds that cannot be intercepted, with ISBMs carrying MIRVS that can wipe out France or Texas. If I can find the time, I want to translate a complete catalogue of the weapons now in the hands of just Russia alone. Putin never brags about how strong he is. He just swings into action when the time is ripe.

His bio, First Person, has a very revealing story regarding his character and MO. Seems Putin and his friend since childhood visited a martial arts camp for young men. They came just to look around. Some punks at the camp urged them to fight. Putin said, aw, I haven't stood on the mats for years. He had, however, been the Leningrad champion and had gone up against the world champion and was not taken down. He played the suckers until finally they "persuaded" him to have a go at it. A punk who had been particularly rude to Putin was chosen to fight him. Putin put him down before he could blink.

So what do you think about leaders who brag about their position of strength compared to the mild-mannered unassuming Putin? Aren't they about to kiss the mat?
Don Hank

Please read what Xi Jinping thinks:

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