Are YOU funding terror in Ukraine?

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Are YOU funding terror in Ukraine?

Post by Don Hank on Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:22 am

Americans rarely associate themselves with the state-sponsored terror of the kind we see in the Middle East. We think the government is one thing and we are another. So when our Honorable mobster John McCain sends arms to psychopaths in Syria, it never occurs to most of us that this is our tax money used to kill people who are not our enemies--the very definition of a war crime, in which we the taxpayers are complicit. In fact if we are Christians, our victims are our brothers. In a way we actually are divorced from "our" government. I recently saw a quote by someone saying that American democracy is a choice every 4 years between 2 things we don't want and we don't need. Exactly. Here is a recent post from my site

Fellow Americans, you are financing Nazi sympathizing killers in Ukraine!

By Don Hank

Yesterday I shared my research on the Donbass-Lugansk (Novorossia) seizure of Ukrainian oligarchs' production facilities in E. Ukraine in response to a Kiev-led blockade that is both illegal and a blatant violation of the Minsk accords [you gotta read this. It is the best news we have had from Novorossia since the start of hostilities there:]. Naturally, the bottom feeding elites in Europe and the US keep blaming Russia even though Kiev has been shelling civilians in E. Ukraine for years! BUT Russia is not a signatory to the Minsk accords and has no responsibility under Minsk. Secondly, the OSCE, responsible for monitoring the situation in that region, has never had the guts to act on its own information and hold the West to account. They know that Kiev (Poroshenko's government, now collapsing) is responsible for the murder of civilians because they live in that area, and if you read even their reports, it is obvious who is violating the accords daily and has been since the beginning. Consequently, due to their irresponsible inaction—ie, failure to report to the press and governments, the US Congress can send lethal aid to these criminals and you don't know enough to protest. Many of you just assume the Russians are "aggressive" when in fact their people have been dying at the hands of an evil regime and are not allowed to fight back with all their resources lest they be accused of aggression (defending themselves) in the Western kangaroo court of public opinion.
This research was hard going for me because I badly needed updating on this situation and it took me most of the afternoon to get a reasonable grasp of it.
Judging by how hard it was for me to understand, I can sympathize with those who are still struggling with the issue. But it is hard to sympathize with those who have drunk without question the Kool-Aid dispensed by the US Congress and our deplorable biased media and have sat by and allowed their tax dollars to go toward murdering innocents without protesting vigorously to their Congress person.
I have posted sitreps from our friend Irina Burya for many months now ( and many of you are aware of the gruesome shelling of civilians, the invasion and takeover of swaths of territory declared as neutral by Minsk, etc. My readers therefore know that the US is guilty as sin of sending lethal aid to a bunch of Nazi sympathizers.
I am still shocked that so many Americans are ignoring this issue that the US Congress can find it politically possible to finance these Nazi sympathizing paid assassins with your money. This would never happen if everyone did their homework. As a rule of thumb, the US has been killing good and innocent civilians for the last 60 yrs or so (on behalf of the Russophobic Saudi dictatorship) and Americans have snoozed thru it. NOW is the time to WAKE UP and tell your Congress critter to stop voting for this or you will stop voting for him, her or it! And for God's sake, please forward this message.
But if there are any who haven't quite grasped this yet, this article should help:

Here is the latest on this disgusting situation.

Are you mad yet?
If not, next time you look in the mirror, check your temples for the telltale signs of a frontal lobotomy.

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